AlunaGeorge: «We still consider our music quite obscure»


Den kritikerroste electronica-duoen AlunaGeorge er aktuelle med sitt første album, Body Music.WiMP tok en prat med Aluna Francis, vokalist og den ene halvdelen av den London-baserte gruppa.

Your debut album «Body Music” is out – how do you feel about that?
- It’s been a long time coming and at this point we are really excited, we’ve left the fears behind now. There’s nothing that we can change now, and we are really happy with the album that we’ve created, so we’re just hoping that other people will enjoy it as well. Mainly, it will give the people the full perspective of us as a band.

You’ve mentioned the fears that you had. What was that about?
- When we started putting out the first tracks, people didn’t now how to describe our music and what to expect. After each single they thought that this is the kind of music that we play, but we wanted it to be different every time. Each song has got a different mood, different emotions. It’s the same with people – when you’re getting to know each other, you don’t know what to expect and that may be surprising. We just wanted to be understood.

But people’s reactions were mostly very positive.
- Well, we still consider our music quite obscure. We try to make the melodies and lyrics quite honest, but for some people they are still like alien sounds that could make them go «Wow, I don’t understand».

Do you remember the moment that you realized that you should sing?
- I was sitting in a car park in front of the Sainsbury’s with my mum, waiting for the job interview and my mum asked me «Do you really want to work in Sainsbury’s?» and I said that I didn’t want to. I wasn’t really showing to much ambition that I want to do something connected with music, but when she asked «So what do you wanna do?», out of nowhere my hidden dreams popped out and I said «I wanna be a singer». She was like «Whaaat?», but then she said «So do that». And I was surprised that she was so open to that. For example people from my school didn’t think that singing could be a real job, they rather laughed at that. So my mum was the first person that encouraged me.

And what was so tempting in becoming a musician?
- At that time I had a boyfriend that was doing electronic production. And I saw the whole process of making the music. At the beginning you are focused on the musical side, the melodies and then on the lyrical side, when you’re thinking about the language and then you have the emotional side, when you’re thinking about the feelings. That means that all of your attention is focused on this one thing, you never think about anything else. You don’t write a song and think «Oh, I want to play some tennis tonight» at the same time. That’s what attracts me so much: that you could be very passionate about that.

Do you remember the moment that you realized that you have to work with George?
- It was the moment when my old band gave the ultimatum that I couldn’t work with other people. For a couple of months I had been experimenting with George, and they didn’t want that. So the idea of not working with George was terrible, and it took me about five minutes to decide on that.

Some people say that the chemistry between you two leads to a very sexy kind of music. Even you called it «bedroom music».
- We don’t think about it when we make music. We just check if we both nod our heads when we hear it, or if we feel good. It’s «bedroom music» because part of it was recorded in George’s bedroom. And of course it makes people dance sometimes or do other crazy things.

Do you remember the craziest thing that happend to you during the last months?
- I was getting out of the car in the wrong place on the road and the girl passing me started shouting «Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing!», and at the same moment she started shouting «Oh, I know you, you sing in that band, AlunaGeorge!» It was hillarious, I still can’t get used to people recognizing me.

The first song you fell in love with: Radiohead – High & Dry

The best live song you’ve ever experienced: Bon Iver – Perth

The song you wish you wrote: Etta James – A Sunday Kind of Love

Song that reminds you of your childhood: Michael Jackson – Bad

Song that can bring a tear to your eye: Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye

The best song to listen to when you’re happily in love: Etta James – At Last

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