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Europe teller ned til sitt nye album, Bag Of Bones kommer førstkommende fredag. På det som er deres niende studioalbum har de fått med seg den legendariske produsenten Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Black Stone Cherry), et samarbeid som har ført til et mer bluesy og klassisk rocka lydbilde enn vi er vant til fra de svenske hardrockerne. Frontmann Joey Tempest har skrevet låtene, John Norum leverer gitarspill i verdensklasse og bandet har dessuten fått med seg gjestemusikere som bluesgitarist Joe Bonamassa og perkusjonist Anton Fig.

Vi korter ned ventetiden med en spilleliste vi har satt sammen fra medlemmene og som vi rett og slett har kalt ”Bag of Bones”. Her får du både gamle inspirasjonskilder og nye favoritter i skjønn forening. Mens du hører på godsakene kan du lese hvordan de enkelte beskriver sine utvalgte:

Black Stone Cherry: Rain Wizard
- I just can’t sit still when the guitar riff kicks in. This is one of my favorite songs from this side of the millennium. Kevin Shirley mixed this record and he created a real exiting sound. (Joey Tempest)

Foo Fighters: Walk
- What can I say… Dave Grohl, I just love this guy! I have never met him but still it feels like he’s one of my best friends. Supercool, relaxed, real and unbelievably talented. This guy is the living proof that a drummer also can be a musician! It’s quit ironic when you think about though, if it wouldn’t have been for Kurt Cobain’s suicide in 1994 we probably never would’ve heard bout Foo Fighters. Hummm… (Ian Haugland)

Audioslave: Cochise
- We still use this record as a reference when we go into the studio. The expression! The sound! Not to mention the fabulous guitar riff and Chris Cornell’s «out of this world» vocals…. (Joey Tempest)

Muse: United States Of Eurasia
- I have to admit, at my age it’s not so easy to find and embrace new bands and artists, but when a good friend played me the Muse album Absolution in 2003, I was really impressed. Since then I just think this band is getting better and better. Their last album The Resistance is in my opinion a modern version of Queen’s A Night At The Opera. (Ian Haugland)

David Bowie: Lady Grinning Soul
- This song is so beautiful and his singing is so great I get tears in my eyes every time I hear it. Wonderful stuff. (John Norum)

Rival Sons: Pressure And Time
- The 70’s again – and an album cover that just makes me laugh. (Mic Michaeli)

Deep Purple: Black Night
- The first time I heard this song on Swedish radio in 1971 it was like a kick in the head, I saw the light and was baptized. From that moment on I’ve always been a rocker at heart. (Ian Haugland)

Uriah Heep: Easy Livin’
- Since I heard the song I wish life could be just that. (Mic Michaeli)

Aerosmith: Nobody’s Fault
- From my favorite Aerosmith record ROCKS. This is seriously good stuff. (Joey Tempest)

Joe Bonamassa: The Ballad Of John Henry
- A true, modern classic rock song. This is the song that made us call Kevin Shirley and ask him to produce our record. Bonamassa has truly re-ignited the blues/rock scene again. What a talent! (Joey Tempest)

Thin Lizzy: Opium Trail
- One of the greatest songs of all time. It has a chilling vibe to it and its very mysteries with a great melody. (John Norum)

Gary Moore: Always Gonna Love You
- The best guitar solo ever recorded! It has the feel, speed, tone and melody. All the important elements to give you goose bumps. (John Norum)

Rush: Tom Sawyer
- My all time favorite Rush song, and one that inspired me to play around a bit with keyboards. (Joey Tempest)

UFO: Lettin’ Go
- The first time I saw Joey and the boys – or Force as they were called back then – play live, I guess it was around 1982. They started the concert with this song, and I just felt right away that these guys were something else. They just had that rockstar charisma all naturally. (Ian Haugland)

Rainbow: Stargazer
- When I heard Rainbow’s album Rising and specially the drum intro for “Stargazer” I realized that I also wanted to be a drummer. Later that same year, 1976, I saw Rainbow play live in Stockholm. It was the first time I went to a «real» rock concert. I had only seen a few pictures of the band before, but now they were standing there, alive in the flesh. To me it was a true revelation. The light show was amazing, it was louder than hell and the drum solo, I’d never experienced anything more powerful. Right then and there my destiny was sealed! (Ian Haugland)

Mountain: Never In My Life
- Early, classic and bluesy hardrock! (John Levén)

Black Sabbath: A National Acrobat
- An absolutely fantastic album still standing up to the test of time. (John Levén).

ZZ Top: Jesus Just Left Chicago
- The first line of the song is enough to knock you out. (Mic Michaeli)

Graveyard: Ungrateful Are The Dead
- One of the most exiting bands right now. From Gothenburg and doing a fabulous stoner rock blues thing. Love it! (Joey Tempest)

Dr. Hook: Years From Now
- I guess you didn’t see this one coming? Well, I’ve been a big fan of the «doctors» for a long time, specially their early, crazier period with albums like Sloppy Seconds and Belly Up or Bankrupt. But there is a very special reason I picked this song. Me and my wife Marita (who’s also Hooked on Hook!) used it as our wedding waltz! I know it sound’s weird (for a normal person) but it does really have a nice waltzy feel to it, and the lyrics are just beautiful, the soundtrack to me and Marita’s life! (Ian Haugland)

Du hører Bag Of Bones med Europe i WiMP fra fredag.

Singlen “Not Supposed To Sing The Blues” er allerede ute

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